Thoughts on my 2-year journey to medical school

The first step: finding motivation

**Word to the wise: any posts containing the tag “brain-dump” are rough ideas more for my own benefit than for any quality reading experience**

Here we are: my first official day as an unemployed schmuck. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon on a Sunday. Shelby is in Phoenix. CJ is at work. I haven’t said a word to anyone all day aside from ordering my pancakes at Fuller’s Diner and my coffee at Floyd’s, my current location. I wouldn’t say I am hungover from last night, but I am very lethargic today without any explanation. All these factors add up to the fact that I am less than motivated to do anything.

No word yet on CRISP.

Spent the past half-hour or so working on my study schedule. General ideas used in the formation of the schedule:

  • Always print out lecture notes the night before said lecture (requires internet access — must have soon!)
  • When taking notes outside of class, I can be as messy and disorganized as I want, keeping in mind that I will be re-writing them in a cleaned-up fashion. Doing so will force me to revisit the material and systematically organize, restructure, and solidify my understanding of the given concepts. To hold myself accountable, I am going to have Sundays as my “review” days. Whatever I learn the week before will be typed up in a condensed, distilled format (by referring to my notes), printed, and kept in a binder. Again, this will strengthen my familiarity with the material (going over the same stuff in 3 different ways has been proven to do wonders for recollection), as well as prepare a study guide for the upcoming exams.  Looking at my work in a review-like fashion will cultivate a more intimate relationship with the material and help me prepare for the next week’s worth of information. Got the idea from this guy.
  • Once I have a set schedule for volunteering, I will have a rigid framework of times and locations with specific tasks. From here, I can fill in the rest of my time with explicit time-slots dedicated to specific subjects.

Other ideas:

  • Specific date-times for chores/errands (ie, “tuesday mornings = bathroom” “load dishwasher and start every morning/unload at night” etc.)
  • Routine meals for each day of the week, dependent upon activities specific to that day. Helps in planning grocery runs and reduces money wasted on eating out because I forgot to pack a lunch.
  • Daily GTD routine — implement key ideas in Cal Newport’s GTDCS thought process.

Having a totally mechanized, clockwork schedule for just about everything in my life does sound appealing on the surface. I don’t know if it will induce burnout or any other negative consequences. I know that I tend to expand all my ideas further and further with more dedication. Getting too organized might allow panic when chaos throws a kink in my routine.


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